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MDI or MDI-X than Auto-MDIX technology

Auto-MDIX is a technology developed by HP by Dan Dove and Bruce Melvin  this technique allow us to use any cable kind Straight-Through or Cross Over in Swish, regardless of the binding with hop or router or a PC because the port will choose automatic which cable is   that suits him.

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The most important commands for Juniper devices




I have received many requests from some job friends.about some important of basic Juniper s commands.

though I’m a big fan of Juniper s Routers. I’m more of a Cisco guy myself and Junipers routers performance wise are great, my home  network is currently made up of Juniper M series routers.

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See Juniper Routers from inside and participated in the question

long time ago I’m looking for some photos that show the contents of the Router from inside and Ifound some pictures of Juniper J4350 router that I wanted to share with you and share with you the question that occurred to me:

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I2J a new tool to translate Cisco IOS commands to Juniper JUNos

Juniper released from a period of close to a new tool I2J name, which means
IOS to JUNos They are converting all the commands written in the Cisco IOS to Juniper JUNos too quickly and of course, this saves you a lot of time if you are a beginner in the world of Juniper
Supports this tool a lot of commands and this includes orders for my Interface, Routing Protocol, Routing Policy, Packet filters
This image of the tool

Unfortunately this tool is only available to customers, Juniper can be found on the following page

https: / / www.i2j.juniper.net
As you can see this tool and how to work through this course, sponsored by Juniper site at the following link

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